Why I’m Not Wasting My Vote

By Nicholas Consolini
Activist, Youth for Johnson Weld

“Wrong”, “You’re Husband disagrees with you”, “You’re the puppet”, “It’s funny”, “He is taking down our democracy”, “so sad”, “It’s a catastrophe”, “It’s so ridiculous”

This rhetoric and constant name calling should not be considered a presidential debate, but in 2016 it’s unfortunately true. It is now the norm for presidential debates to have no substance at all now. In addition to that no one seems to care that some of the solutions proved by both major party candidates are in clear violation of the constitution.

This is the third presidential debate of the year and you couldn’t tell the difference between all three because nothing of importance was discussed. For a total of 270 minutes, we the American voters wasted a total of 270 minutes watching Donald Trump Image result for ken bonecalling Hillary Clinton “crooked” or how “she should be in jail”, and Hillary Clinton calling Donald Trump a “bigot”. The thing I learned from the debates was one candidate should be thrown in jail and how the other candidate hates pretty much anyone that isn’t a wealthy white male. The only positive of the debates was it allowed America to discover Ken Bone.

As a Millennial and being eligible to vote in my first presidential race the two major parties have given me and everyone else terrible choices. Most Americans think we should vote the lesser of two evils. Around the country Americans are only voting for Hillary Clinton because they don’t want Trump or vice versa.

According to a Quinnipiac poll done back in August, 64% of Trump Supporters are only supporting him because the other choice is Hillary Clinton.

A majority of Americans supporting Clinton are supporting her because they see Hillary Clinton pretty much as a third term of Obama. In the most recent Gallop poll Obama’s approval rating is 54%. Given that Obama’s approval rating is above 50% it makes sense that Americans would want to continue the status quo.

Image result for syrian bombing victim

What millions of Americans don’t realize is the the statues quo is that the U.S. continues to bomb Syria, sell bombs to Saudi Arabia, who is using the bombs to bomb Yemen, over a million people will lose Obama Care coverage at the end of the year, the middle class is shrinking everyday, under president Obama the U.S. has deported more people than the last 19 presidents combined, and as of October 18th 235 people were shot in Chicago in October alone.

Hillary Clinton will just continue what is mentioned above. The issues of the Middle East today can all be traced back to poor decision making as Secretary of State. She traveled 956,733 miles as Secretary of State and what does she have to show for it? Before becoming Secretary of State countries like Egypt, Libya, and Syria were relatively stable, but not any more. Clinton advocated for regime change in all three countries and it hasn’t worked out. In Egypt Clinton advocated for the removal government and replaced it with the Muslim Brotherhood. In Libya Clinton advocated for the NATO bombs and lead to the removal of Gaddafi from power. As of today Libya is now considered a failed state and ISIL is thriving there. Clinton supported the rebels in Syria with arms. These rebels were then easily defeated by ISIL who used our arms for their rapid expansion. Back in 2011 Clinton said “Assad must go”, but almost six years later Assad is still in power. Replacing Assad with another government will not solve the issues in Syria and look we can’t have a repeat of Libya.

The two main accomplishments of the Obama Foreign policy were the Iran deal and the ending of the Cuban embargo. I personally believe the Iran deal was needed because Iran was going to build a bomb with a deal or no deal. Then when it comes to Cuba look it’s asinine that were not trading with Cuba since even though we are trading with countries like China. Both of these accomplishments happened under Secretary Kerry and not under Clinton.

In the issues section of Hillary Clinton’s website there is no mention that she will reform Obamacare, and there is no mention of her wanting to end the war on drugs. Hillary Clinton will “Defend and expand the ACA” which is a good thing because what everyone needs to realize is the ACA is here to stay and we can’t strip 20 million Americans of Image result for obamacare memehealth care. Instead of expanding the ACA we need to first reform it and make it work for the 20 million Americans enrolled first before we expand it. At the end of the year there will be 19 million Americans with coverage from the ACA. Clinton has not offered any plans on how to reform the ACA which is in dire need of.

When it comes to the War on Drugs, We the American people were promised by Obama eight years ago that the war would end, but it hasn’t. Under Clinton the War on Drugs will continue. According to the Bureau of Prisons, almost half of the top locked up right now are in for nonviolent drug offenses. Currently the U.S. makes up only 5% of the world’s population but we contribute 25% of the total population of prisoners in the world. Then to top it all off African Americans make up only 12% of the amount of drug users, but they make up almost 60% of the people that are locked up in prison for drug related offenses. When will America realize that the War on Drugs is a flawed, racist, waste of taxpayer’s money.

My intentions of this article is not to have it turn into a Hillary Clinton Hit piece, so I will move on to Donald Trump. The issue is that Americans already know why Donald Trump shouldn’t be president. We all just have to look at his daily statements or his twitter account to prove that he is unfit for president.

In addition to being unfit to be in the Oval Office he isn’t even a conservative. In order to deport over 12 million Illegals that Donald Trump calls for he would have to expand government to create a new deportation force. This would make our government much larger and go against the conservative principles of small government. Also the Republicans were once the party of immigration. Ronald Regan famously amnestied millions back in the 80’s. In addition, the Republicans used to be the party of free trade until Donald Trump called for a isolationist trading policy.

In the first debate Trump agreed with Clinton that if you’re on the no fly list then you can’t buy a gun. The issue is with a no fly no buy policy Is its unconstitutional and a congressman was actually on the no fly list. Then in Trumps stop and frisk policy allows police to take away anyone’s guns while at the same time “frisking away our 4th amendment rights”.

Image result for college debt memeAs a college student I have been told my whole life that if you present a problem, you need to present a solution to that problem. My solution to our election problem is Governor Gary Johnson.

Governor Gary Johnson is a former two term Governor of New Mexico, and he like the two major party candidates is on the ballot in all 50 states. The biggest myth about this election is that there is only two options for president, and in my state Massachusetts there is actually 4. As a millennial Johnson applies to me because he is the only candidate in this race talking about issues that will affect me my future.

Gary Johnson’s main issues he’s focusing on is balancing the federal budget, cut wasteful spending, lower the scope of government, term limits, and giving everyone the most freedom possible. We haven’t had a balanced budget since the late 90’s and the national debt is a serious issue with only one candidate willing to discuss it. Look when I can’t afford something I can’t legally print out more money so why should the federal government be allowed to.

When it comes to immigration, Johnson’s plan of making the process easier to obtain a work visa and giving immigrants social security cards so they can start paying taxes immediately. The process of immigrating to the country shouldn’t take years to become a citizen and Gary Johnson knows that.  

When it comes to higher education, Johnson is saying I’m “getting a mortgage without the house” is how I feel right now paying for my education. His plan of eliminating guaranteed student loans is what we need to lower the total cost. For me I have to pay 28 thousand this year to my university. If the university knows that I’m guaranteed 5,500 wouldn’t they just raise their price by 5,500 because they know students can pay that?

People have been telling me my vote will be wasted because I’m voting a third party. My Image result for gary johnson memereply is look if you voted for Bernie that was a wasted vote because he got scammed out of being the nominee. Another response of mine is look a vote for Johnson is a vote that will give the libertarian party one vote closer to becoming a major party and ending the two party system. My vote can actually make history unlike a vote for Clinton or Trump.

The way I look at it is a vote for Clinton is a vote to say it’s okay to rig primaries, and have ideas that constantly change depending who her audience is. A vote for Trump is a vote to say it’s okay to allow a party’s nominee to act in the way Trump is acting today. A vote against the two parties is a vote to tell them they need to pick better nominees. America won’t settle when it comes to electing the president.

When it comes down to it come November 8th, I’m going to be voting for someone one I believe in and not voting against someone. I’m voting for someone I believe in and trust, that’s Gary Johnson.

Nick Consolini is a student at The University of Massachusetts, Amherst, and an active member of the Youth for Johnson/Weld campaign in Massachusetts

3 thoughts on “Why I’m Not Wasting My Vote

  1. I think we’ve just heard from a future president here! Wow, I’m 61 years old, and your article gives me hope for the future of America, nicely done young man, your Mother must be proud! #GaryJohnson2016


  2. Great post! In political discussions, people say things like “I fear that a 3rd party vote is essentially a vote for major candidate X” (Hillary Clinton/Donald J. Trump).

    I realize that it is a virtual certainty that Clinton or Trump will win. If someone truly supports one of them that is fine. However, I refuse to let my vote help/support either of them. My vote is for massive change to the broken 2-party system. We can’t fix a broken system by voting to keep the same system. The time for true change is now!

    Change has to start somewhere. The political parties have been changed in this country before and they can be again. But we have to be willing to step up and be heard! If I have to choose between taking the blue pill or the red pill, I’ll take no pill at all.

    “America deserves better. The two-party duopoly has brought us here. It’s time to try another way.” – Gary Johnson #LiveFree #SendaMessage #JohnsonWeld


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