Liberty Local, Crowd Sourcing the Liberty Movement

In the wake of what has already been termed “Kokesh-Gate,” dramatarians are obsessing over the failures of one single man as the downfall of a movement. Whatever personal issues transpired within the Kokesh camp will surely eventually come out, as is the way with our ever-growing disdain for personal privacy in this digital age. But my hope is that maturity will prevail, and we will allow personal matters to stay personal, and allow those involved to share their stories when they feel it appropriate, without over sensationalizing them. It’s imperative that we remember to respect the privacy of our brothers and sisters in liberty.

The public exodus of volunteers and campaign staff from the Kokesh Campaign have certainly created waves, and made news within the Liberty Community; but let’s not forget the good things that came from what Kokesh has done: A few weeks ago I spent a weekend with Adam on His Book Tour, attending three events in four days, and getting to know Adam, Vann, and dozens of great people who joined us. I had a wonderfully positive reflection from that weekend.


And what I said then, I still stand by. While Adam Kokesh may not be, and may never have been, what we all saw him as at one time, what he truly accomplished has brought us together. It may very well be that Vann was truly responsible for the tour, and those like Resa and Alyssa who made all the networking connections that ensured the tour could succeed. But what made it worthwhile was the people who showed up.

And while The Freedom Tour might be in its dying days, the movement is not. Those of us who attended Adam’s events will remember them not for the speeches he gave, but for the conversations, and friends we encountered along the way. And that experience is something I hope we can salvage from this mess. We can make the realization that it was Adam who brought us out, but it was each other who kept us there.

I hope that we can continue with the idea of those gatherings, in which groups of any size will congregate to learn, laugh, and discuss our love of Liberty. I hope we can continue the movement, without the polarizing notoriety that a central figure can bring to it. To that end, I aim to sponsor a series of events, across the country, a sort of a persistent tour, that will highlight those in our own communities, and allow us to focus on what is truly important:The message, not the messenger.

The Liberty Local Tour will be a series of small gatherings across the country, in which we will encourage activists to gather and listen to speakers from their own communities, and to network with others they may not know. The goal of this Tour will be to build a true grassroots movement, centered around our local communities, and our brothers and sisters in liberty as equals.

I ask not for your commitments, but simply for your interest. While will be proud to sponsor these events, we will not control them. We will be happy to help identify speakers, and publicize your gatherings to those who may be interested, but we’re searching for you, to be the ones who make this happen. Will you host an intimate gathering in your home, and open up your living room to some strangers who yearn for liberty the same as you? Or perhaps you would like to sponsor an event and host it at a local venue. Either way, let us know, and we will proudly provide you with the expertise and support, to make sure it happens, as well as put you in touch with speakers in your area who would gladly join you for your event.

Yours in Liberty,
Justin O’Donnell
Founder and Managing Editor

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